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Crew Leaders

 People standing around board where others have shared on sticky notes their favorite and least favorite part of the volunteer experiences at the greenspace and also what they learned.

Lead Groups of Volunteers Today!

We need individuals who are experienced in trail building and/or love the outdoors to join our team as a crew leader. Your mission as a crew leader is to instruct a group of volunteers on the principles of working safely to build a great trail, and, then, to supervise and direct the crew as they work on an assigned segment of the trail. As a crew leader, for the most part, you will not personally be building the trails, but directing and supervising the volunteers.

A short training session will be required for you to attend before leading a group. This training session will teach you about the tools, techniques, safety, and trail standards associated with the Falling Run Greenspace. Below is a resource available to you. Please take some time to review this material as part of your preparation.The resource include:

Additional Resources

Fina, R. & Becton, M. (2018). “Tailgate safety talk”. Appalachian Trail Club, presentation at Professional Trail Builders Association. 

For more information about the crew leader program, please email Falling Run Greenspace at